Get Trading Tips from an Expert Trader– A Detailed Background

My name is William Thomas, and I help my clients achieve their trading goals. Getting the right financial trading tips is essential for a rookie trader to transition to a professional trader. And since we are on the subject of trading assistance, here is my detailed bio to provide a bit of a background on who I am and what I do.

Professional Details, Experience & Key Abilities

I am a professional trader who has been actively involved in the financial markets for more than 30 years. Apart from being an active trader, I have taken part in numerous financial research and publications and have served as an advisor to many asset management firms and brokerages in several leading financial markets. Aside from being a trader, I also possess a background in mathematics, which has certainly helped me to comprehend the changing facets of the fluctuating prices, thereby enabling me to get more acquainted with how prices react to certain events.
Over the years, I have been successful in developing a unique eye for discovering the distinctive trends in the markets, and how they can be relayed to the average trader. Therefore, I find it advantageous to help rookie traders develop a trading strategy that helps them achieve a consistently positive return on their investment. I always work on providing all the latest information on trading, trading guidelines, tips, advice, and educational materials through this website, in order to become a leading resource for all matters related to trading the markets. How to Enter the Exciting World of Financial Markets?


Education & Qualification

I hold a PhD in Finance, Masters in Finance & Mathematics, along with a CFA, FRM, FMVA, and CAIA. I have also published numerous papers on a wide variety of finance topics, and have made important contributions to several pieces of research, all in the field of trading and investments. I consider myself lucky to have been a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, endowed upon me by leading financial institutions and investing organisations.
I believe in continuous learning, for any aspiring trader, particularly if you are serious about beating the markets. As a result, I also try to incorporate most of what I learn into my articles on this website, in order to offer better trading insights to my readers.

It takes a lot to achieve excellence in trading

What Contributes to My Strengths & Beliefs?

I have seen several promising traders disappear into oblivion, primarily due to a lack of proper guidance. On the other hand, I have seen average traders make significant profits by following a tried and tested strategy. The secret to financial trading markets does not lie in any secret pill, but it takes education, experience, and discipline to achieve excellence. I try to impart a positive message through my articles, and try to provide information in an easy-to-understand manner that can be used by even the most inexperienced trader. I can’t promise that you will get rich fast by reading my articles, but you may be able to gain useful insights that can help improve your trading performance and achieve your goals.

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